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These 8 documentaries offer hope and inspiration in times of lockdown

Inspiration is a powerful thing. These thought provoking, humbling and powerful stories are just what you need whilst stuck at home.

Some of the following stories humbled us, others moved us to tears or urged us to act. In any case, they’re about people who dare to dream and have the grit, resilience and determination to see those dreams through. Regardless of how many times they fall down along the way. In this blog we would like to share the ones that we hold most dearly. Enjoy!

How our daily actions can change the world

‘Is there anything I can do for you today?’ With this simple yet powerful question, Joe sets out on a mission to do as many kind things as possible for the people he comes across. This video by shows how similar we all are, ultimately just looking for moments of genuine connection and shared vulnerability. In addition, it displays the power that can lie within a simple act of kindness and therefore shows us we can all become part of a better world today. Pretty impressive for a 3-minute video, right?

24 hours in the life of a social entrepreneur

With their documentary series ‘Fix the world and make money’, Twentiefour shows that doing business and doing good goes hand in hand brilliantly. All their episodes are definitely worth a watch, but we felt particularly inspired by the one below, featuring Mariana from Peru. With her social enterprise Laboratoria, Mariana trains young underprivileged women all around Latin-America to become high-end web developers. This short documentary gives you a real behind-the-scenes insight into what it means to be a change maker, both professionally and personally.

A fresh perspective

Sometimes a video offers you a new perspective on a global challenge. It opens your eyes and changes your outlook on a certain issue for good. This short doc does exactly that. In most communities, food waste and food poverty exist side by side. By sharing abundance and putting a stop to unnecessary waste, we can solve both issues at once. A ‘Great big story’ about the non-profit Food Forward full of insights!

Your daily dose of positivity

As an opposing force to the torrent of negative news that leaves people numb, BrightVibes puts positive change makers in the spotlights. Their uplifting videos show us how we can make a difference, simply by altering our daily routine. This one about The Buttock Boutique (De Billenboetiek in Dutch) – a kickass social enterprise in our former homebase Utrecht – is one of our all time favourites!

The truth about stuff

This fact-filled documentary is for everyone who is looking for some real clarity regarding our take-make-waste economy. In 20 minutes, the Story of Stuff shows the connection between a huge number of social and environmental issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. Beware: it will most definitely change the way you look at your stuff forever…

Be the change you want to see

In order to encourage people to live more planet-friendly lives, Rob Greenfield will do whatever it takes. This adventurer and environmental activist has taken leading the way to a more sustainable and just world to the next level. From diving into over 2.000 dumpsters to cycling across the United States on a bamboo bicycle: Rob is determined to be the change he wants to see. All his stories rock, but this one – about how he turned his bike theft into something positive for a bunch of kids – is definitely worth a watch!

The face of impact

The Greyston Bakery doesn’t hire people to bake brownies, but bakes brownies to hire people. At this social enterprise in Yonkers, everyone is welcome. No job interviews, no background checks, and no need for resumes. As long as you’re up for the job, you’re hired. In a world where we’re often too quick to dismiss someone based on its past, Greyston’s open hiring model holds the potential to change the world. One person at a time. Ex-inmate Dion Drew is one of them. An inspiring story by Upworthy about the impact of a unique purpose-driven company.

What it means to be human

If you haven’t watched Human yet, please drop everything you’re doing right now, and sit yourself down. We promise you won’t regret it. Never ever have we seen a film that captures the essence of what it means to be human in such a profound way as director Yann Arthus-Bertrand has done. There are no words that will do this masterpiece justice. Watching Human takes your breath away, every single time.

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