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This is why we’re on a journey to tell positive stories

The news and social media often leave us disenchanted. We're here to change that. Welcome to Behind the Change!


From climate change and the plastic soup to deforestation, the refugee crisis and politicians acting like complete loonies; the gloomy doomy messages about the state of the world find their way into our lives every single day. Through multiple screens.

More often than not, watching the news or simply checking our social media leaves us disenchanted and disillusioned. At the time of writing, the news of yet another Brexit-related issue has hit the fan. In Venezuela, the humanitarian crisis has reached a new low and the number of homeless people in England continues to go up. Oh, and Trump? He’s probably spending the majority of his time calling friends and sending out world threatening tweets…

Changing the story

Luckily, there are different stories too. Stories of entrepreneurs who don’t create ecological and social disasters, but solve them. Stories of folks like you and me, who care so deeply about the world around them that they decided to turn their concerns into action. Stories of smallholder farmers, circular creators, inclusive champions, plastic heroes and vegan chefs. Stories of people who make the world a better place. Every single day.

These are the stories that we will be sharing. Welcome to Behind the Change.

On the road

Over the course of 2019, we – Phil and Nadine – will be traveling around Europe to capture the stories of the most uplifting change makers AND to give them a hand whilst we’re at it. Because in addition to spreading good vibes, we’re also very passionate about contributing to a happier and greener spaceship Earth ourselves.

By telling the stories of the people behind the change, we want to prove that the world very often isn’t as gloomy as it might seem. You see, positive change is all around us, you just have to know where to look. We’re here to point you in the right direction.

Do you know any change makers in Europe that we should pay a visit? Please get in contact! And don’t forget to follow our journey on Facebook and Instagram!