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We’re not just telling stories. We also want to make a hands-on impact

Our hands are itching to contribute to the change we want to see. Here's why.


Every time we meet a new inspiring change maker, we grow even keener to start making a positive impact ourselves. Our hands are itching to contribute to the change we want to see. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

During our journey, we want to tell the stories of change makers and lend them a hand whilst we’re at it. Since Phil and I both work in communications, helping people with their online presence would be the most obvious thing to do. And although we’re happy to sort out anything digital, we also want to take our impact a step further.

So what do we have in mind?

Well… we want to clean beaches together with plastic heroes, help ecosystem restoration experts restore soil, and learn how to cook meals from surplus food. We’re excited to help artists turn litter into art, work alongside smallholder farmers, and become vegan connoisseurs. And we can’t wait to learn how to turn materials that usually end up in landfill into valuable circular products. Just to name a few =).

Because to us, there’s no better feeling than being part of the solutions you truly believe in.

Many people don’t get us when we’re off to the local farmers market with our zero waste shopping bags. Or whilst we’re dragging all the plastic we can carry off the beach. They tell us that whatever we do, it won’t make a difference anyway. Problems are too big, we are too small – that sort of reasoning.

We know that no issue can ever be solved single-handedly. We also know that if we don’t try, things will never change for the better. But whether or not our actions will turn out to be a game changer, to us, making a difference is not a matter of rationalising that difference.

It’s a matter of what you want to be part of.

And more than anything, we want to be part of positive solutions. We want our actions to be a reflection of how we aspire society to be, and ride the wave of change together with others who believe it can be done. Simply because we feel that – at this moment in time – it’s the only right thing to do.

Do you know a change maker in Europe who we should pay a visit? Please drop us an email or message us on Facebook and Instagram!